Guest Blog 2: Tools to manage anxiety / depression

There are so many ways in which our thinking can go wrong. Listed here are only 146 ways that a friend shared.

Knowing this is actually good news. Often our past experiences weave themselves into what my friend referred to as an “emotional bias”, which then shows up in faulty thinking, or “cognitive errors”.  Sometimes such thoughts caused anxiety or depression. By reviewing if our thoughts occurred in the above list of 146 fallacies, we could also table these thoughts in a journal and come to a better assessment.

Once you have had an opportunity to review the link above, you could journal in both the following formats:
JOURNAL 1 (depression)
column 1: situation:
outline the situation that bothers you
column 2:
emotional response:
note your instinctive response
column 3: rational or reasonable response:
what could be a reasonable responsible recognizing our cognitive errors linked above?
JOURNAL 2 (anxiety)
column 1: activity:
outline the activity that makes you nervous or anxious
column 2: emotional response: your expectation of what the activity would feel like
column 3: emotional score:
rate your enthusiasm for the activity: 0 being the worst anxiety and 10 being ecstatic
(if anxious / depressed your score would be closer to 0)
*******do the activity******
column 4: describe what the activity felt like:
column 5: rate the activity based on a 0-10 scale: what did it feel like.
To better understand emotional bias, my friend recommends reading Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns, a book also recommended in my peer support group on depression and bipolar disorder.

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