Guest Post by G: Mental health tips

This letter from a friend came in my inbox after my first post giving tips on mental health. In this short time, I am happy the blog received many comments, and two emails with tips. Despite knowing that many (if not all of us) struggle with keeping ourselves emotionally healthy, I felt surprised that so many had gone through similar struggles. I also felt happier to know that this also meant that people had tried and found ways of managing mental health. 
Here my friend G not only shares tips that she found useful from her experience, but also resources that she came across through therapy that you may find useful.
Tips that G recommends are:
1) Daily meditation (very similar to alternate nostril breathing) – any practice that asks you to focus on your breath/body, be in the present moment, and practice non-attachment and non-judgment to your feelings/thoughts
This is a good online guided meditation.
2) Give yourself permission NOT to do social things, if social anxiety or depression is an issue
3) Make a list of small or large things that bring you pleasure/joy and make sure that you incorporate them into your everyday schedule (eating chocolate, patting the dog, watching a favourite movie, playing guitar, having a bath, etc)

4) Seek therapy. I have had two absolutely amazing therapists who I credit with helping me to make choices that vastly improved my quality of life, as well as to process trauma. You don’t have to worry about being a burden to a therapist in the way you might with a friend or family member; you can be completely honest in the company of a non-judgmental listener who has tools to help you.

G also mentioned that the following resources were very helpful in working with challenges around social anxiety and people-pleasing tendencies:
G also printed a sheet on cognitive errors from this book and stuck it on the wall.
and here are also more mental health resources.

Thank you G, for sharing these thoughts and ideas from your own experience. Another friend has also shared more on cognitive errors and emotional biases, that will be coming up soon!

Am so thankful for how this has taken off. Thank you to you, too, G and friends for reaching out and sharing of your selves. ❤

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